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May 24, 2011
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Duel of Flames by Ghostsymphony Duel of Flames by Ghostsymphony
Empezó como siempre... con una búsqueda en un mundo distante. La acelerada piromante había escuchado de algo... poderoso en este lugar. Una fuerza primigenia de flama y pasión; un elemental de gran poder, la encarnación del fuego mismo. Chandra simplemente tenía que echar una mirada a una cosa así y, con un poco de suerte, aprender algo de él.

Pero Ashling tenía otros planes. La llameante legendaria se encontraba en su mundo nativo, tomando el rol como guardiana del elemental de flama y caos, evitando que cualquiera que buscase su poder alcanzara el sitio sagrado donde la fuerza descansaba.

La chica elemental supo, desde el primer momento en que sus ojos se posaron sobre la figura de Chandra, que ella significaba problemas. En un mundo sin humanos, la piromante era una visión única. Algo literalmente fuera de ese mundo.

Las palabras eran insignificantes. En el momento en que se encontraron ambas sabían que era lo que venía.

La elemental era un obstáculo.
La piromante era una invasora.

Sin una sola palabra, sin advertancia y sin restricción ambas se lanzaron una contra la otra, ardiendo con el poder de flamas inextinguibles que estaban a punto de estallar en una explosión de poder puro.


OK, lo admito. He estado jugando un poco de más con esta imagen. Ya había subido el escenario y a Ashling y ahora revelo que ambas eran parte de una ilustración mayor. Es la primeravez que hago esto y lo hice porque siento que cada parte es suficientemente buena para funcionar por sí misma. Ahora aquí esta la escena completa. Espero haberle hecho justicia a los personajes.

Siempre he sido fan de Chandra y Ashling. Me gustaría ver a la vieja Llameante evolucionar y convertirse en una Planeswalker. Eso podría añadir un extra a Lorwyn/Shadowmoor y, quizás, generar toda una nueva línea para la historia. Me gustaría mucho verla en una carta de Planeswalker.


It started as it always does... with a quest to a distant world. The hot-headed pyromancer had heard of something... powerful in this place. A primal force of flame and passion; an elemental of great power, the embodiment of fire itself. Chandra just had to take a look at such a thing and, with some luck, learn something from it.

But Ashling had other plans. The legendary flame-kin was in her homeworld, taking the role as a guardian of the elemental of flame an chaos, preventing any who looked for its power to reach the sacred place where the force rests.

The elemental girl knew, from the very first moment his eyes met with Chandra, that she meant problems. In a world devoided of humans, the pyromancer was a unique sight. Something literally out of that world.

Words were meaningless. The moment they met each other they both knew what was comming next.

The elemental was an obstacle.
The pyromancer was an invader.

Without a single word, without any warning or restraint they both threw themselves at each other, burning with the power of unquenchable flames that were about to erupt in explosions of pure, raw power.

Ok, I admit it. I've been playing a bit too much with this image. I'd already submited Ashling and the background and now I'm revealing that they both were all the time part of a bigger picture. It's the first time I do this and I did it because I felt that each part was good enough to work on its own. Now here is the whole thing. I hope I made justice to the characters.

I've always been a fan of both, Chandra and Ashling. I'd love to see the old Flame-kin to evolve and become a planeswalker. That could add some extra spice to Lorwyn/Shadowmoor, and maybe, turn into a new storyline. I'd love to see her in a planeswalker card.
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CommanderXillian Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
That, would have to be amazing. Well done. Saved.
Overlord-J Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
Greatr looking picture and I like the idea behind it but are you aware that when you say "The legendary flame-kin was in his homeworld..." and similar things it sounds as if you would mean that Ashling was male?
Ghostsymphony Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Professional General Artist
I'm glad you liked the picture. About the confusion in genre well... I didn't notice that. There is a point where I refer to her with the phrase "The Elmental girl" and in the spanish version of the text the genre is much more evident.

Anyway, I'm glad you made me notice this. I'll take it into account the next time I write texts in english.

See ya!
Overlord-J Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
I thought you didn't notice it, that's why I pointed it out. Glad I could help you. :D
TheLovelyChemist Featured By Owner May 24, 2011
Fire makes everything cool. ♥
Ghostsymphony Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Professional General Artist
hahaha! I have to agree...
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